About 20th AIB

20th Armoured Infantry Brigade is a MilSim unit centred around ArmA 3, utilising a variety of modifications to enhance the game to its maximum potential.

As a community, we focus on providing a friendly, welcoming environment for players - regardless of their experience in MilSim. As a unit, we model ourselves around the capabilities of the 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade, tailoring our missions to match yet challenge the equipment we use.

We pride ourselves on the enjoyment had by members of our community in our operations, as well as the friendships formed outside of ArmA on our Teamspeak, where members play a variety of other games.

Main operations run on Saturday at 20:00 BST, lasting roughly 2 and a half hours. Frequent mid-week operations also run on Wednesday at around 18:00 BST, lasting roughly an hour.

Please feel welcome to join our Teamspeak to have a chat and find out more about us!

20th Armoured Infantry Brigade ArmA 3 Community has no association with the 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade, British Army or Ministry of Defence.

20th AIB Enlistment Form

Online applications are currently on hold until 12/08/17

Please hop on Teamspeak if you would like to join and navigate to the 'Waiting room'